Wireless Technology


This video will help you understand how wireless technology works. Wireless microphone systems work different than wired ones and allow artists more freedom of movement on stage and prevent them from falling over cables while performing.

Now, what is the magic behind wireless technology? Wireless systems convert audio signals from microphones into radio signals – from the transmitter to the receiver to the audience. But there is more to it than that!
Starting with the transmitter, it is important to know that the capsule of the microphone – handheld, lavalier or headset – influences the sound most. The transmitter, which can be handheld or bodypacks, send radio signals to the receivers. These process the signals received from the transmitter and convert them into electronic signals. The two components then communicate via a specific radio frequency, which is called the operating frequency.
See in the video how a Shure Wireless System works best. Find out about the ideal placement, the optimal alignment of the antennas and much more!