Increased intelligibility, improved wellbeing in the workplace.

Sound influences every aspect of our lives, from health and wellbeing to learning and working. Shure significantly improves intelligibility and contributes to wellbeing in the workplace.


Videoconferencing has become an essential tool for business communication. But it’s easy to forget that the majority of the content is actually carried by the audio, not the video. If the camera fails during a videoconference, the meeting can go on virtually unimpeded. But if the audio fails, the meeting stops.

In business meetings, the voice does most of the work and we make decisions based on what we hear. Poor sound deprives us of valuable information and makes our brain work harder to compensate. After a while, we experience fatigue, and we struggle to pay attention.

Shure believes that good sound directly contributes to the well being, productivity, creativity, and connectedness of people in the workplace – and that room designers do not have to choose between sound and style.

Our mission is to develop audio tools that capture the voice naturally, fit harmoniously with the room’s appearance, and make it effortless to connect people.

Microflex Advance is a new series of audio products that uses advanced technology to provide outstanding sound quality, flexibility, and usability without compromising the appearance of the room.

The Microflex® Wireless System is an elegant, highly flexible and all-wireless solution ideal for discussion & presentation use. Offering a low-impact audio solution for fully equipped, modern boardrooms, it is designed to integrate smoothly into corporate IT infrastructures, and also easily connects to AV conferencing solutions.

Microflex Wireless offers a complete range of low-profile, rechargeable microphone form factors to cater for any usage preference, combined with comprehensive software tools for easy central management.