Facilitate Learning and Understanding.

Classrooms can be found in various facilities, from the education sectors to corporate environments. They range  from small classrooms to large lecture halls with hundreds of students. To ensure the best learning experience, these spaces depend on good acoustics.

Speech intelligibility has a significant effect on attention span and concentration, with clear sound becoming increasingly important as the size of the room gets bigger.

Shure provides a portfolio of audio solutions for classrooms and auditoriums which offer best-in-class audio quality that ensures that the message is celary heard, and enables students to record highly intelligible lectures.

For organizations preferring one comprehensive solution to cater for all kinds of training methods and communication styles, the Microflex® Wireless System is the ideal choice.

This versatile platform offers a complete range of elegant, rechargeable presentation, Q&A and discussion form factors and can easily be integrated into “smart” and fully-equipped training environments. Simple to manage and expand, the system scales from small training rooms to campus-wide setups, with central control via the existing IT infrastructure.

For auditoriums requiring rock-solid signal stability during presentations or Q&A at high-end events, the ULX-D® Digital Wireless System is the go-to solution.