The Microflex® Installed Microphone series combines sleek, low-profile aesthetics and superior sound ideal for highprofile discussion applications. Also available in wireless configurations for cable-free setups, it offers total flexibility and provides scalable, best-in-class performance.

Activity | Product Series
DDS 5900
DCS 6000
Microflex Wireless
Discussion x
x x x
Conferencing x
Collaboration & AV Conferencing

x x x x x
x x x
Capabilities & Features
SoundReinforcement via room loudspeakers x x x x x x
Sound Reinforcement via built-in loudspeaker in microphone unit x x
Microphone Activation or Mute with one push of a button x x x x x x
Microphone Activation through voice activation x x
Central Microphone Control by chairman or administrator x x
Meeting Management incl. participant identification,
agenda handling, document sharing, voting etc.t
Direct connectivity to UC&C Systems via Ethernet cable x x x x x
Available Microphone Form Factors ( | = Wired, O = Wireless)
Gooseneck I + O
Boundary I + O
Handheld O O O
Bodypack (use with Lavalier Microphone) O O O
Audio Networking via standard IT infrastructure x x x x x
Remote Monitoring & Control via web browser x x x x x
  • Unmatched flexibility and scalability
  • Outstanding, aesthetic design
  • Complete selection of discussion microphones with flexible mounting options
  • Wireless alternatives for easy placement and clear, cable-free setup
  • CommShield® Technology guards against unwanted RF interference from portable devices like smartphones etc.

SCM820 Digital IntelliMix® Automatic Mixer for Automatic Mixing & Audio Networking

  • Simplest and most effective way to set up multiple microphones within a room
  • Proprietary IntelliMix® Technology dramatically improves intelligibility of speech
  • Automatically activates only the microphones that are being addressed while muting all others to reduce unwanted background noise
  • Networkability and ethernet connectivity allow easy integration with third party equipment and central control systems