For the audio reinforcement of the busy Berlin Memorial Church, the leading engineers needed a wireless system that could work effortlessly with the existing Dante infrastructure. ULX-D fully met this need. 

Acerca de ULX-D:

ULX-D was my first thought from the beginning, not least because of the existing Dante infrastructure in the chapel — it’s only ULX-D systems that really exploit Dante to the fullest.

Rainer Zincke, Owner, Church & Sound

The William I Memorial Church is a very busy church in Berlin which holds several services a day and regularly serves as the venue of classic concerts.

Therefore, a capable sound reinforcement system was required to fully and satisfactorily transmit sound. In 2013, as part of a complete renovation programme at the memorial church, the parochial council appointed the engineer Rainer Zincke, owner of Berlin installation and engineering company Church & Sound, to plan and install a new sound reinforcement system, to be controlled via Dante. 

Zincke decided that a wireless microphone system would be used as part of the new PA for the amplification and reproduction of speech, singing and musical accompaniment, and chose Shure’s networkable ULX-D digital wireless system for the task. Zincke explained his choice by stating that ULX-D systems exploit Dante to the fullest. Church & Sound installed two ULXD4Q Quad receivers at the church, running a total of four ULXD2 handheld mics with Beta 87C heads and four ULXD1 bodypacks with associated lavalier and headset mics. 

The memorial church is usually busy, with at least three services held daily in the 31-metre-high octagonal chapel. The church is also used for concerts, theatrical performances, nativity plays, and other events. All now make use of the ULX-D system.

"For exactly this reason, all the technology here, including the wireless mic system, has to be easily switchable, so that a sound reinforcement system set up for a primarily speech-based event can be automatically altered to be suitable for a musical concert by simply selecting a different mixer preset," concludes Zincke. "The ULX-D transmitters are ideal in this respect — they run all day on their intelligent Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries without a hitch. We never even have to think about switching batteries or charging now."