The MXWAPT is a 4-channel wireless access point compatible with Microflex Wireless microphone systems. It uses automated frequency coordination to assign clean frequencies to wireless microphones and manages two-way wireless transmission of encrypted audio and control signals. Power to the unit (via PoE) and Dante digital networked audio are both supplied over a single Ethernet cable to simplify installation, and the supplied mounting plate and paintable cover allow discreet placement in boardrooms and conference rooms where low visibility is preferred.

Características principales

  • Slim profile: Lightweight, discreet unit with paintable cover to match interior room colors and blend into AV environments
  • Easy installation: Includes wall/ceiling mounting plate and connects to the system over single Ethernet cable (PoE compatible)
  • Plenum rated: Meets rigorous fire safety test standards for installation above drop ceiling tiles
  • Scalable configurations: Available in 4 or 8 channel models to fit varying channel count requirements, and multiple units can be combined support configurations of up to 32 compatible channels (40 in Europe and select countries)
  • Bi-directional wireless: Provides return channel audio to wireless transmitters and enables real time remote control of all wireless microphone settings
  • Automated frequency coordination: Automatically scans available spectrum, coordinates clean frequency assignments, and moves channels away from unexpected interference
  • Dante™ digital networked audio: Transports low latency digital audio received from wireless microphones over Cat5e cable to any other Dante-equipped device
  • Encrypted wireless: AES 256-bit encryption for secure transmission
  • Selectable output power: Optimise spectrum usage by selecting the appropriate wireless output power for the desired operating range
  • Diagnostic LEDs: Provide easy visual reference to system activity and indicate power, wireless connection, and network audio status
  • Wireless transmission uses DECT technology for more than 80 audio channels per system.
  • High Density mode to maximize the channel count (country specific information in the table below)

Accesorios suministrados

Cantidad Nombre del accesorio
1 Paintable Cover
1 Mounting Bracket

Versiones disponibles


Especificaciones técnicas

845 g
Altura x Ancho x Fondo:
24.0 × 170.0 × 170.0 mm
DECT (1,9 GHz)
Carcasa del receptor:
ABS moldeado, Metal
Polarización por BNC:
AES 256 bits
Modo de alta densidad:
Detección de interferencias:
Control remoto:
Interfaz de audio en red DANTE:
Antenas desmontables:
DHCP, enlace local, IP fija
Tipo de receptor:
Transceptor de punto de acceso
Selector micro/línea:
Protección de la tensión phantom:

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