Portable high fidelity audio is now a reality.

High Fidelity That Fits In Your Pocket.

The KSE1200 is a premium electrostatic earphone and amplifier system for use in‐line with portable media players.

The single‐driver electrostatic Sound Isolating™ earphones provide an astounding level of clarity and detail for the most discerning audio aficionados.

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  • For the purest, most transparent listening experience
  • Integrated USB rechargeable battery with up to 12 hours life on one charge
  • Seamless integration with premium audio players

Sound Perfection.

The premium KSE1500 Electrostatic Earphone System is an electrostatic earphone and amplifier system with digital-to-analog-conversion (DAC) for use in-line with portable media players. Featuring single-driver electrostatic Sound Isolating™ earphones matched to a USB digital-to-analog-converter (DAC) and featuring up to 24 bit/ 96 kHz conversion rate, customizable 4-band parametric EQ with five standard and 4 user-defined settings, rechargeability and input level meters.

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  • Electrostatic technology provides the fastest, most accurate transient response available
  • Unmatched audio clarity and detail
  • Built-in parametric EQ with five presets
  • Integrated USB-rechargeable battery

The Earphones And Headphones You Love, Only Better.

The SHA900 Portable Listening Amplifier is a premium portable audio amplifier with digital-to-analog-conversion (DAC) for use in-line between portable digital audio sources and high-quality headphones or earphones. The SHA900 features customizable 4-band parametric EQ, rechargeability, and can process both digital and analog audio sources, or bypass for a pure analog signal. A new standard of portable listening that brings high-fidelity audio into the mobile demands of today’s active lifestyles.

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  • Five EQ presets built-in which can be customized
  • High-Resolution 24/96 ADC/DAC
  • Rechargeable, and compatible with Mac, PC, iOS & Android devices
  • Compatible with any earphones or headphones that feature a 3.5mm jack