Microphones come in a variety of shapes that determine their ideal field of application.


A boundary microphone is typically a small condenser mic capsule positioned near or flush with a boundary (surface). The arrangement provides a directional half-space pickup pattern while delivering a relatively phase-coherent output signal.

Ceiling Array

A Ceiling Array Microphone is a ceiling-mounted microphone array that offers configurable directional pickup lobes and built-in digital signal processing. It is ideal for conferencing applications and delivers clear, intelligible audio.


A desktop microphone is usually optimized for speech applications and comes with a desktop stand that securely lets the user position the mic on a tabletop surface.


A compact mini microphopne is a very small microphone.


Earset is a headworn microphone. In contradiction to a typcial headworn microphone the earset is held by one ear only.


The capsule of an end-address microphone is mounted at one end of the microphone.


The term handheld microphone generally means any microphone that's supposed to be held in the hand while picking up sound. Handheld microphones are used in a huge variety of settings, from musical performances to television interviews.


Commonly found on podiums or in conference roooms and boardrooms, a gooseneck microphone is a microphone element integrated into a gooseneck stand. The microphone elements are usually small and cardioid or supercardioid, designed to capture spoken word up close.


Overhead microphones are used for pickup of a widespread sound field above a source. Overheads are most commonly used in drum kit recording for capturing the sound of the cymbals along with a stereo image of the drums while adding a spacious sound to the drum recordings. Overheads may also be used in any application where capturing a wide stereo field is desired such as chorale recording, string quartets, etc.


A lavalier microphone or lavalier (also known as a lav, lapel mic, clip mic, body mic, collar mic, neck mic or personal mic) is a small electret or Ribbon diaphragm microphone that allows for hands-free operation. Typical applications include television, theatre, and public speaking.


The lollipop design is a special side address form factor. It minimizes diffraction from the body, resulting in superior off-axis response.


A headworn microphone is essentially a lavalier on a stiff mount that brings the microphone element closer to the mouth. Typical applications include stage applications when actors move around quickly, such as in musicals and in lecture or presentation scenarios.

Clip On

A mountable microphone describes microphones which can be securely attached to another object. Typically that can be an instrument or e.g. a table in a conferencing environment.


In Shotgun microphones the microphone element is located at the back end of a tube with slots cut along the side; wave cancellation eliminates much of the off-axis sound. Due to the narrowness of their sensitivity area, shotgun microphones are commonly used on television and film sets, in stadiums, and for field recording, e.g. wildlife.


A side address microphone accepts sound from an angle perpendicular to the mic as opposed to a end-address mic where you speak into the “end” of the microphone.

Plug On

The term plug-on is typically used with radio transmitters. Any microphone can be plugged on this type of radio tranmsitter. Please note that not every plug-on tranmsiter does support phantom power needed for many condenser microphones.

Table Array

A Table Array Microphone is a tabletop microphone array that offers configurable polar patterns and built-in digital signal processing. It is ideal for conferencing applications and delivers clear, intelligible audio.


Bodypack is the type of transmitter or receiver, which is worn on the body. Usually it ships with an included clip that allows the unit to be easily cliped on e.g. a belt.

Guitar/Bass Cable

This 6.3mm jack plug to TQG (TA4F / 4-Pin Mini) adapter cable connects your instrument such as an electric guitar or bass to compatible Shure wireless bodypacks.