Megadeth - Shure endorsed Artist
Megadeth - Shure endorsed Artist

Megadeth began in 1983 with its roots in thrash metal, a genre that its founder, singer/songwriter and guitarist Dave Mustaine helped pioneer. Mustaine's musical roots began early on listening to AC/DC and Led Zeppelin, and took form in the New Wave of British Heavy Metal when he joined Metallica in 1982.

Megadeth emerged in 1985 at the forefront of the thrash/speed metal scene with their seminal debut "Killing Is My Business…And Business Is Good", and continued on a blistering path of albums and tours throughout the decade.

The nickname "world's state-of-the-art speed metal band" and the critic-coined "intelligent metal" were often used to describe Megadeth's sound, referring to Mustaine's niche for angry, witty, intelligent lyrics about topics like politics, drugs and war, fused with aggressive, intricate guitar structures and a jazz-influenced rhythm section. Megadeth had already achieved an extremely impressive 50 million album sales as of 2014

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Acerca de SM58:

I'm loyal, and this is the best mic I have ever sang into….and there is something about that mic - I always know where I am at.

Dave Mustaine, Vocalist of Megadeth