Shure Artist: Blossoms
Shure Artist: Blossoms

Blossoms have gone from strength to strength since being put on BBC's much lauded 'One's to watch in 2016' list and have supported both Kasabian & The Last Shadow Puppets, with Stone Roses support due.

They have already appeared on Jools Holland, completed Radio 2 and Radio 6 live sessions and have an extremely busy schedule in 2016 comprising 39 festival datesd alone!

Shure interviews Blossoms Lead Guitarist Josh Dewhurst

Shure Interviews Blossoms Tour Manager Woolfie on the bands meteroric rise

Acerca de KSM8:

Love the KSM8's. They have a really warm smooth response and need very little EQ

Chris Pearce, FOH Enigeer for Blossoms

Acerca de PSM 1000:

The PSM 1000’s are mega. We run all the band and crew on wireless IEM’s so we needed something that could hack everything we could throw at it.

These more than stand up to the job. From a crew perspective, these allow us to have a crystal clear live audio and access to all band members mixes via “Cue Mode”, so as soon as there are any technical problems on stage, we can hear it straight away. We can also silent line check & have great communication to FOH which is a great help when time is an issue at festivals etc. There’s also no drop out in signal when we’re running around, which is something we found happened with the old system we were using. The band love them and so do the in-house techs - they're so easy to use!

Woolfie, Tour Manager & Guitar Tech of Blossoms

Acerca de BETA 98AMP/C:

The Beta 98AMP's have a great sound on the drums. The attack response is superb. I no longer have to push up 4-5k on my EQ any more to get the attack I'm after.

Chris Pearce, FOH Engineer of Blossoms

Acerca de KSM313/NE:

I'm very particular about how my guitar sounds from a FOH perspective and also, very importantly, from an IEM perspective too.

I went from using various stereo mic rigs to just the KSM313 ribbon mic alone...

It perfectly captures the guitar's & amp's individual tones simultaneously without getting lost or altered in any way.

Essentially it makes my setup sound EXACTLY how I want it to with very little mixing. The mic just sounds incredibly powerful in a charming, realistic fashion. Not to mention how aesthetically pleasing it is!

Josh Dewhurst, Lead Guitar - Blossoms

Acerca de KSM313/NE:

Highest quality guitar mic i’ve ever heard, it does the job of 2 'normal' mics. In fact, it does the job better. Looks great too!

Woolfie, Tour Manager & Guitar Tech - Blossoms

Acerca de KSM313/NE:

The KSM313 is amazing! It give us the really thick warm guitar sound were after on Josh's lead guitar!

It does what the old dynamic and condenser mics did together and them some! The second I first heard the SKM313 I instantly fell In love with it!

Chris Pearce, FOH for Blossoms